Clash Royale could soon introduce boats similar to Clash of Clans

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We may very soon enjoy a new upgrade of Clash Royale, which would come after the option of using ships in Clash of Clans. The Supercell guys are delighted with this new feature and intend to introduce sea warfare into their Clash Royale game. Supercell has already released several trailers of Clash of Clans characters using a boat. In one of these videos, you can clearly see a Montapuercos sailing by the sea. These clues seem to confirm the new functionality.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games nowadays. Supercell is doing great and knows how to take care of their games and its fans.

With the ability to use boats in Clash of Clans, many users have wondered what would be the functionality of a ship in Clash Royale. It is possible that players can use boats to travel to the opposite side of the sand, but it is still not known with certainty. All the sands of Supercell’s Clash Royale game have a river that separates your territory from that of your enemy. We imagine that the ship will have something to do with that river, but we do not know if it could be used to carry out naval battles.

After Clash of Clans, do naval battles arrive at Clash Royale?

clash royale boats

Users have been proposing more ideas (apart from using boats) to make things more interesting when we play Clash Royale. For example, the inclusion of a new air defense in the game is something players have been asking for since playing with decks leading to the Dragon Baby, Bombshell and Rocket, which can be quite problematic for most decks. In terms of tournaments, players expect to be able to win more prizes when they get their deserved victory. The main reason why most users sign up for a tournament today is by legendary cards, and they want these prizes to be included in the tournaments without having to reach the legendary arena.

The game is getting a bit monotonous, so players are asking for new things. Big improvements, like the one we’re going to get, will keep users interested in playing Clash Royale. However, all of the above ideas must first pass through the filter and approval of the Supercell guys.


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