‘Clash Royale’: the Executioner’s Nerfs and improvements to several cards

Since February 13 users of ‘Clash Royale’ might have noticed that the game required a new update. This is due to the fact that since Supercell have implemented a series of changes and adjustments in several troops that, as usually happens on a routine basis and is intended not to abuse so much of certain units, as well as to correct unexpected failures arising after deployment of new troops.

The most striking and obvious change has been the one applied to the Executioner’s card, which has been drastically nerfed and also arranged, since its appearance included a series of extra “unexpected” functions such as the possibility of damaging the troops placed behind him.

Below you have details on all the changes applied in ‘Clash Royale’ on February 13, 2017.


Executioner’s letter reduced his damage by 6 percent. Its range also decreases, from five points distance goes to 4.5. In addition, also the radius of splash of the ax is touched, being reduced 10 percent. Parts of their attacks have been fixed, but they continue to reset some animations. From Supercell they communicate that this is a pending task for the next updates.

Skeleton Army

It has a small change that can have great consequences in key moments. Now it will only have 15 skeletons instead of 16.


The duration of this card is reduced, from 10 seconds to only 8 seconds, but its damage increases by 24 percent. This means that it will be much more effective in weakening the stronger units as well as to quickly end up with the weakest units.


Butterflies will flutter among those who longingly remember that they used this letter in the past. Now it could be back in many decks thanks to the deployment time of this unit is reduced from 3 to 1 second. This means that we invoke the card until it begins to move and attack will spend much less time, which reinforces its defensive and offensive functions.

Dark Prince

His life increases by 5 percent, thus staying at the height of other cards that consume 4 elixir points.


Another letter that is updated and returns to its roots due to the introduction and modification of more current charts. In exchange for a single point of elixir, this card now invokes four skeletons instead of three. Larry is back, willing to help in the task of distracting the rival.


Their presence is not very frequent , that is why Supercell gives a push to encourage us to add it to our decks. It increases its damage by 6 percent, a small change that could be very useful for certain decks.

Baby dragon

After the magician, it touches to adjust to its aerial equivalent so that it does not suffer as much against new letters as the executioner. The range of your fireball increases, going from 3 to 3.5 points.


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