Clash Royale’s Draft Challenge returns this weekend

Clash Royale is undoubtedly one of the most played games. It has been in the market for almost a year and is still one of the favorites, thanks to all the updates that have come to it. Today the Clash Royale Draft Challenge will return.

In recent months we have seen several upgrades by the Supercell team for Clash Royale. Every two weeks, we see new cards in the catalog, which always makes the ways of playing of all users change, so that the same deck is not always used, although there is always a typical deck that is stronger than the others.

One of the sections that is liked by the users of Clash Royale is the theme of events. Many times on Twitter and Reddit, most of the users of Clash Royale ask for challenges and new letters.
Well today, the news that comes to us, is that the challenge of choosing Clash Royale comes back, since we saw it a month ago in the game.

This week we have also seen a kind of challenge, for Valentines, Clash Royale placed friendly battles the double elixir event so that it can be played throughout the day, and today, it brings us another event.

The last event we saw at Clash Royale for the weekend was two weeks ago, it was the Battle of the Ariete event to get the new Clash Royale card, but this week we see that the challenge of choice returns to Clash Royale. In this challenge within 30 seconds we have to choose four cards for our team and four for the other.

That is, in 30 seconds, we will get four pairs of letters, in which we have to choose, between two, a letter for us, and another for the opponent, and so four times. The opponent will also have to do the same thing, which will mean that we have 8 cards in each team.

In this event we will have all the cards available, that is, we can leave letters that we do not have unlocked, we can leave the graveyard if we do not have the card unlocked. This event will be available starting today for friendly battles until Sunday, while for the challenge, will be available from tomorrow.


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