Clippy is back in form of a Chrome extension


If you are over twenty, you probably remember the Microsoft Office Assistant and you feel nostalgic for it. This famous virtual clip was preinstalled in Windows XP and Word. Now you can resurrect it with Clippy Everywhere, an extension for Google Chrome.

It is not exactly like the original Clippy, but will serve to recover some memories. It is a plugin for Google Chrome created by an independent developer and has nothing to do with Microsoft or Google. That is why it is recommended that you install them, test it for a while and then uninstall it again if you don’t like.

Once added to Google Chrome, this extension will show Clippy in your browser. You can interact with it by clicking on the icon that appears in the upper right area of the dock where we accumulate the installed plugins.

In theory, it gives you advice while surfing the Internet. In practice the truth is that it has not been too useful. You can move Clippy around the screen by simply dragging the icon. Like the original assistant, it moves and does funny twirls.

Despite the lack of real usefulness, it brings back forgotten memories of our beginnings in computing, when Windows XP was a revolutionary operating system and modern virtual assistants were not even in the pipeline. Nostalgia is so strong that it shows in the form of resistance to upgrade the operating system. Many users are still stuck in XP, considered the best OS in history, at least of those created by Microsoft.

Is it one of the best extensions for Google Chrome? Probably not. It also consumes RAM without contributing anything, and we already know that Chrome has real problems to navigate efficiently. That is why many users opt for some light and functional alternative. You can install Clippy through this link.


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