Codemasters Does Not Rule Out a Version of ‘DiRT 4’ for Nintendo Switch

Dirt 4

One of the big announcements of the short time we’ve been in 2017 has been the official presentation by Nintendo of its new hybrid console, the long awaited Nintendo Switch, a machine that will eventually reach stores around the world during next month. March, specifically on day 3.

The truth is that the Japanese company presented a catalog more than interesting for their console during the remainder of the year, however the presence of third parties were not what we expected. For now many developers have shown their desire to make their games compatible with this console.

Well, today it has been Codemasters who has spoken about the possibilities of bringing ‘DiRT 4’ the next installment of the saga of rally to Nintendo Switch. It is worth remembering that the launch of ‘DiRT 4’ is planned for this summer. During the development of this game, Nintendo Switch was not present, but the makers do not rule out any possibility for the future.

DiRT 4 designer Darren Hayward explained: “I have my Nintendo Switch reserved, and I will have it from day one. Obviously, we will not initially launch ‘DiRT 4’ on Switch, we have already chosen the initial platforms , and although we have nothing to announce right now, I would not rule it out. ”

“There are several titles that will be released on the Nintendo Switch as ‘Skyrim’, however, we do not know how ‘DiRT 4’ will work on Switch’s split controller, which is something that would force us to make numerous adjustments to the title. Since there are few buttons on the switch, this might not be good for ‘DiRT 4’. ”

Finally, remember that ‘DiRT 4’ will go on sale next June 9 and so far its release is only planned for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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