There are some compatibility errors in Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft has made the first of two major updates this year a few days before of the official release date. Although the official release of the Creators Update of Windows 10 will not occur until next 11 days, Microsoft has already made it available to its customers.

Based on the reports that the users have been issuing to the firm during these last hours, most of the processes of updating to Creators Update that are being carried out, are without any problem. However, as it could not be otherwise, some errors are emerging that either do not allow this update to take place properly, or affect certain sections of the system after the installation is complete.

Most of these errors are due to certain compatibility issues with third-party applications that were already running on Windows 10 previously and have not been properly updated to work and adapt to the new Microsoft Creators Update. Therefore, as we have said, over the last few hours and after attempting to perform the system update, some have encountered certain errors produced by the aforementioned incompatibilities.

Some faults are occurring when upgrading Windows 10

Toshiba devices are facing some problems due to the software of the own company called Toshiba Display Utility, that is usually implemented in the laptops of the firm. This software does not allow the correct installation of the update of the ones of Redmond . That is why Microsoft has recommended, before carrying out the process, to uninstall the mentioned Toshiba software from the system. Also something very similar has happened with the application UxStyle, a program that allows users to skip system restrictions and use Windows 10 themes developed by third parties. Well, because it makes changes in the Windows itself, Creators Update is not installed as it should be. If we have this particular tool running, so we would have to delete it in advance.

Some webcams of the well-known Logitech firm have also stopped working after upgrading Windows 10, something that have reported by several users. As far as we know, this has been due to certain incompatibilities with Logitech’s own controllers, so the recommendation is, at least for the moment, to use the generic drivers of the system until the manufacturer of the cameras update their own.

These are some examples that have already been seen before the official release of the update, so it is more than likely that in the coming weeks we will be involved in several more problems of this type, all in the absence of different developers preparing their software developments to run smoothly in the new version of Windows 10.


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