Confirmed price of Samsung DeX, accessory to turn Galaxy S8 into PC

Samsung DeX

By itself, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have enough incentives to achieve a significant sales volume. In fact, in this sense it has already been forecast to exceed the sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, the South Koreans will offer accessories for the Galaxy S8 that adds value to this smartphone. An example is Samsung DeX, a dock that promises to turn the smartphone into a PC. This accessory demonstrated its operation and whose price is now confirmed after the activation of its anticipated sale in the official store of the manufacturer.

After several rumors, it was finally confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have an accessory capable of offering a similar experience to that of a PC. This device that reminded us irremediably of Microsoft’s attempt to do the same with Continuum in Windows 10 Mobile. Finally that accessory was presented as Samsung DeX.

Accessory for Galaxy S8

It is an idea that several companies have tried to implement. Microsoft did the same with Continuum, but the tiny market share of its software platform stifled the start project. Now, Samsung launches full with Samsung DeX, a dock that promises exactly the same. A base on which to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 so that, through an external monitor, you can interact with an interface adapted from Samsung Experience. In fact, it is one of the reasons why there will be a specific version with the software suite of the software giant preinstalled.

Samsung DeX Price

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and activation of the anticipated sale, the official page of Samsung USA does the same with the full range of accessories compatible with the smartphone and among these, the Samsung DeX. It will be marketed at a price of 149 dollars. It has a fixed price that will set the guidelines for the European market with a conversion of 1: 1 currency, so in Europe we can buy the aforementioned dock for 149 euros.


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