Confirmed: The Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with an “Infinity Display”

Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display

It has been confirmed that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with an Infinity Display. One of the new trends in smartphones for this year seems to be the big screens and the narrow frames. Although this has always been a target of the manufacturers, it seems that we are finally starting to see phones with very high screen-to-body ratios.

LG, a company that once surprised the narrow side frames of the LG G2, was the first to introduce a large 18: 9 screen called FullVision in a compact body.

But LG does not seem to be the only company that will opt for a design with large screen. The Galaxy S8 also seems to have a similar appearance, thanks to a screen that will occupy almost the entire front.

A few days ago, Samsung announced that it will unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29, but by now we know almost everything about the phone. Now, thanks to a new brand registration, we know what the big screen of the phone will be called.

It is not the first time we hear the term “Infinity Display” to refer to the Galaxy S8 screen, and the documentation seems to confirm that Samsung will use this marketing term to name the big screen of your phone barely without frames.

The trademark mainly covers mobile devices, although it could be used for other products like televisions that have screens with similar characteristics.

It is expected that Samsung will release this new terminal on 29th March, but it will be available for purchase from 21st of April.


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