CorelDRAW graphics package Review


CorelDRAW graphics package is a well known program and therefore here we provide a full CorelDRAW graphics package review to help you understand it better. Among the fairly common packages of illustrative graphics for Windows, it is worth noting the vector package CorelDRAW Corel Corp., which has already become a classic vector drawing program. The package is intended not only for drawing but also for preparing charts and editing raster images. It has excellent file management tools and the ability to display slides on the computer display which allows you to draw by hand and work with layers of images, supports special effects, including three-dimensional, and has flexible capabilities for working with texts. For desktop publishing systems, the Adobe PhotoStyler image processing program running under Windows is also useful.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

Corel company has announced the release of a new version of its flagship product for editing graphics CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017.

The product introduced by the developer received a new LiveSketch tool that uses the capabilities of neural networks for analyzing and interpreting hand-drawn strokes, improved nodes, markers and vector previews, touch-based user interface, native support for Surface Studio, Surface Pen and Surface Dial, and extended support Feathers and tablets Wacom. In addition, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 has customizable knot shapes and interactive controls that make it easy to work with fills, shadows, contours and transparency, blending and stretching effects. The means of importing workspaces from previous versions of the graphic package were not disregarded. A complete list of innovations and changes is available on

CorelDRAW graphics package Review

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 includes an application for working with vector graphics and prototyping CorelDRAW, an image editing tool PHOTO-PAINT, a program for managing fonts Corel Font Manager, a utility for converting raster images to vector format PowerTRACE, access to digital content CONNECT, application to create Web pages Website Creator, a utility for creating screenshots CAPTURE and an extension module PhotoZoom Pro 4 for exporting and increasing digital images. Additionally, the product also contains training materials and a collection of content that includes 10,000 images, 2000 high-resolution photos, 1000 OpenType fonts, 350 professional templates and more than 1000 fills, frames and patterns.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 operates in a Windows environment, has a multilingual interface and is available for purchase in the form of perpetual licenses, as well as subscription. The full version of the graphic package is sold at a price of $ 550 USD whereas the annual subscription will cost $ 210 USD. Multi-user commercial and academic licenses are available as well. For users who want to get acquainted with the capabilities of the application, a 30-day free demo version of the product is also provided.

Updates on CorelDRAW

Every time a new version of the CorelDRAW suite goes on sale, thousands of users start working with it on multiple computers, with multiple configurations and in different languages. Thanks to all this, it is possible to locate, what are called, bugs or program errors which otherwise would be very difficult to locate. Once located, errors are reported to Corel Corporation, where program engineers create an update or patch that addresses them. In addition the development team of the program attends the suggestions and new proposals of the users, thereby also developing new functionalities or improvements based on them.

These free updates or updates also known as Service Packs Updates or, when they are small, Hot Fix, are usually prepared the month or several months of the program’s sale.

This has been the case with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 Hot Number 1 or Corel Corporation’s first Hot 1 Review.

If you are using CorelDRAW X8 on a daily basis you will have already seen the warning that appears when you start the program.

Upgrade notice available on CorelDRAW X8

You can directly install CorelDRAW X8 Revision number 1 by clicking the Continue button in the program’s own dialog box or if you prefer you can download the file CDGSX8HF1.exe (18.0 MB) from the section Support> Reviews and Updates of the official website of Corel.

CorelDRAW graphics package Review

Revision 1 of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 updates CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 ( This fix addresses issues that caused applications to stop responding or run slowly. It also resolves the problem that some CorelDRAW files are opened with a single blank page.

As always we recommend the installation of all hot fixes or CorelDRAW fix in order to keep the program in perfect working condition.


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