Corrin’s Amiibo is Scheduled in ‘Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World’


As with his older brother for Wii U, the video game ‘Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World’ for 3DS is compatible with intelligent amiibo figures. Its reading allows you to unlock patterns inspired by a multitude of Nintendo characters to decorate our adorable Yoshi wool.

Checking the game data, several users have found a secret key locked by Nintendo: Corrin’s amiibo is programmed in the game and is compatible with it. This can only mean one thing that soon we will see this figure in the stores.

Corrin was added to ‘Super Smash Bros.’ For Wii U and 3DS in 2016 along with Bayonetta and Cloud Strife. The three characters still lack physical representation in the form of amiibo, although at the time we could see an advance of the prototype of the amiibo Bayonetta.

All of this coincides with the recent discovery of two CPSIA-Consumer Safety Enhancement Act on the Nintendo website. It linked to two unidentified amiibo belonging to the series of ‘Super Smash Bros.

Therefore, it seems that at least two of the three figures in the series are coming soon, and that one of them will be Corrin. What will be the other? Well we might think that Bayonetta may have already seen a teaser of his appearance, but remember that the anniversary of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ is just around the corner and could also confirm Cloud Strife. Be that as it may, surely collectors will go for everything, hunting for any new amiibo intelligent figure that appears on the market.

All consoles in the Nintendo 3DS family including 2DS and Wii U are perfectly compliant with the amiibo smart figures. The upcoming Nintendo Switch Hybrid will also continue the inherited legacy of figures, supporting all those already confirmed and others to come.


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