Cortana could end the use of conventional user manuals


With the gradual growth of its latest version of Windows, Microsoft intends that this becomes the nerve center that encompasses a multitude of services and platforms working on all types of devices, both mobile and desktop.

One of the services in which the firm is constantly working to grow in functionality in Windows 10 “universe” is in its own voice assistant known as Cortana. In fact, Redmond are trying to promote the use of this platform, as much as possible, in order to convince the users of their system that it is a digital assistant that can be of great help in multiple areas . This is the reason behind it receiving new tasks from time to time and such is the case that concerns us, right now.

Particularly, we are referring to the new functionality through which this technology would be used in order to completely renounce the usual “lifelong” user manuals. Moreover, the signature itself, as it happens with a multitude of users, does not consider that these manuals have too future in its current format. More so if we consider that there are only few users who, before putting any apparatus in operation, take hold of these to know the operation and start-up of the apparatus. That is why they have proposed that Cortana become a key element in carrying out these tasks, as it could be in charge of helping in this regard.

Cortana would be the substitute of the current user manuals

This way, instead of having to read the manual, which most people dread to do, users would be guided through the Cortana wizard to configure a new device, all using the instructions that can be found on the Internet . What’s more, a patent recently filed by Microsoft itself shows that, as part of this feature, Cortana can even handle registration processes by automatically filling in the information it already knows about us, thus contributing to an experience Global configuration of new products.

Therefore the digital assist device will automate much of the configuration process that usually comes in a quick start guide of the products purchased. This will be made possible by digitizing the Quick Start Guide so that it is as interpretable as possible by the digital assist device. Cortana will determine, for each step, what can be done based on the information available however the user’s own expertise will also come into play as it does in the current manuals.


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