Cortana Will Now Remember the Promises Made in Emails

The recent update adds a feature to Cortana that keeps reminders of the promises we have made through email.
Soon you will have to measure well the promises that are made by emails because the virtual personal assistants will not miss even one. In this sense, Cortana is now receiving a new feature whereby it will monitor email messages in search of possible promises to offer users as suggested reminders.

As they point out from Microsoft, Cortana will remember those promises made in emails without users having to ask, offering these suggested reminders in the most propitious moments according to each promise. To do this, Cortana will use the automatic learning technology developed in partnership with Microsoft Research to detect such promises in the messages, acting in the background.

This new feature now comes to Windows 10 on the desktop in the United States although in the coming weeks will also reach Android and iOS devices. For the new feature, Cortana will be able to work with both the email addresses and the professional and educational email addresses of Office 365. Also note that support for new email services will come soon. At present Windows want to test everything on their application and once everything seems perfect more services would be made compatible.

Of course, in order for the new feature to work, it will be necessary to grant the necessary permissions to enable the necessary connections. Once done, Cortana can be attentive to the messages that arrive at the connected mailboxes and to extract the relevant data to establish the suggested reminders.

For more information visit the official Windows Blog.


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