Creative Assembly details its plans to update the content of ‘Halo Wars 2’

One of the last major videogames to officially hit the market has been ‘Halo Wars 2’, the real-time strategy spin-off based on the ‘Halo’ universe, which went on sale last Tuesday, February 21st. 2017 has started and in these two months we have already been able to enjoy a lot of great launches, in addition, we are already rubbing our hands with everything that is to come in March and in the months to come.

As you well know those who have followed the actuality closest to ‘Halo Wars 2’, this sequel was developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries. Well, today, ‘Halo Wars 2’ is again news thanks to new information revealed by Creative Assembly, who details what are the main ideas they have in the studio to continue improving and updating the strategy game Exclusive of Xbox One and Windows 10.

It has been the developer herself, who has assured that Creative Assembly has been very attentive to all the feedback that the community has been approving throughout these days, with the intention of correcting some problems that certain players have been able to experience. This update that would seek to improve the game experience in ‘Halo Wars 2’, would arrive this week. In addition, it will also seek to further balance the competitive game, adjusting different heroes and units

But Creative Assembly has gone a step further, and has detailed what is the plan to add additional content to ‘Halo Wars 2’. So, every month, specifically the third Wednesday of each month, an update will arrive which will incorporate new content. In fact, we already know what will be incorporated next March, a new hero, Kinsano, and now only remains to see that we are surprised every 30 days, something about which more information is expected in the next PAX.

Finally, if you are interested in knowing what the game offers, I invite you to take a look at our analysis of ‘Halo Wars 2’.


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