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Cricket 19 Review | batting and bowling tips

Cricket 19 Review

Cricket 19 Review

Cricket 19 is no doubt one of the best games of cricket till today. The game uses Artificial Intelligence to make it more realistic and amazing. Cricket 19 uses three-dimensional images and it gives you a feeling that you are playing a real game of cricket.

The game

Cricket is the most loved and favorite game in the whole world. It has a huge fan following. Apps like cricket 19 are so much so fun for such huge fans of cricket. They can enjoy this full of enthusiasm game virtual too using the Cricket 19 app. The 3D user-interface of the app makes it most enjoyable and keeps the user playing with it for a longer time.

Cricket 19 batting and bowling tips

I will share a few tips and tricks for batting and bowling in the cricket 19 game app. You can continue reading as follows: –

Cricket 19 batting tips:

Wait for the ball: The first tip is to wait for the ball to come on your bat till the last moment. This is always the best technique to play the shot in a game of cricket. This technique will give you more time to decide your shot and this will help you to place the ball better. If you wait till the end then it will certainly improve your timing.

Challenge yourself: You have to come out from your comfort level by choosing the hardest level to play. If you want to improve your game then don’t play the easy level. You may choose the normal difficulty level or hardest difficulty level. If you can practicing on a hard level by coming out of your comfort zone then it will definitely raise your batting level.

Off-drive: Off-drive is one of the best shots in the Cricket 19 game and the best place to play the shot is towards the point and the cover. If the delivery is falling on the outside of the off-stump then you can play a perfect off-drive shot. The off-drive shot is safe to play and you can score a good boundary by playing the shot.

Leg-glance: You can play a leg-glance shot by deflecting the ball behind the wicket on the leg side. If delivery is coming on out-side the leg stump then you can play the shot perfectly. Leg-glance is a very good shot to play in Cricket 19 game.

Grounded Regular shots: These shots are safe to play and help your score-board to run regularly. You can take singles and doubles without any risk of throwing your wicket unnecessarily. If you are facing difficulty in facing the bowling attack then these shots are the best bet for you.

Front foot Lofted shots: You can play front foot lofted shots by chipping the ball over the fielder’s head. You can place the shot on the offside between mid-on and mid-off. Before playing the shot you have to watch out the fieldset on the rope, avoid playing the lofty shot if fielders are inside the rope.

Off-side Backfoot punch: Backfoot punch is an aggressive shot. You can play the shot by coming on backfoot by driving the ball between mid-off and extra cover. If the delivery is shot and coming outside of the off stump then this is the perfect delivery to play backfoot punch on the off-side. This is a very attacking shot in Cricket 19 game.

Hook or pull Shot: This is one of the best shots to attack the short ball coming on your leg side. There is no doubt that hook or pull is a risky shot to play but if you read the ball and execute it well then it will certainly give you six or four. This is a very effective shot to attack the ball in Cricket 19 game.

Cricket 19 bowling tips:

Good length delivery: You can bowl the good length delivery to restrain the batsman for scoring more runs easily. This is the best bet for a bowler to stop a good batsman and to defend a big total. Good length delivery is always difficult for a batsman to judge and make runs.

Yorker: A Yorker is always a wicket-taking delivery and to stop run chasing in crucial times. You have to practice hard for a good Yorker because if the ball is not executed well, it will become a full shot and cost your team more.

Out-swing delivery: Out-swingers are also good deliveries to get the batsmen caught in the slip. You can use one or two out-swing deliveries in an over and make a chance to get the batsman out. But remember before doing out-swingers place you best fielders in the slip otherwise there are chances of batsmen getting four runs.

Short-pitch deliveries: You can also use one or two short-pitch deliveries in an over. Short-pitch balls always tempting the batsman to attack bowlers and due to this, there is a good chance of batsman getting out when he is attempting to throw the ball out for a boundary or six runs.

Reviews about Cricket 19 app

I would love to share my personal experience of using this app. I have tried my hands on many such apps from a similar stream. But this one is just a love for me. It provides the best in class UI. Many numbers of features that attract you to play this game.

This app provides your variety of formats to play in like you can select to play either T-20 or one-day or test matches. It provides you real environment even to play an International cricket tournament. The most lovable feature of this app is, it allows you to select a stadium playground of your own choice. They have most of the well-renowned stadiums listed in the game like Kolkata’s Eden garden and New Zealand’s Wellington Stadium.

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I have mentioned all the details about the Cricket 19 app and my views about it. I hope it will help you get a clear idea about it before you make your mind to install and play it. If you face any issue while installing, or accessing it then let me know I love to resolve the issue. Moreover, any kind of feedback about this article is welcome.

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