CSSPeeper, to get the specifications of any CSS element with one click


If you are in the world of web design and you are looking for a tool that can facilitate your daily work, the extension of Google Chrome, which we will talk about next, will be of great help. This is CSSPeeper, a utility for Google Chrome with which we can get the specifications of any CSS element with a click.

At many times, trying to get CSS code of any particular element from a web page is a complicated task because it is not necessary that all the web sites will have a systematic inclusion of CSS on their web pages. The main point in favor of CSSPeeper is that, it is not necessary to consult the code of the web page to analyze CSS elements of it. Instead, the extension shows us all the necessary information in an elegant, orderly and much faster way than manually carrying out this process. In this way, once installed we can consult parameters such as the thickness of a line, the dimensions of a button or the exact colors of a web page.

In the particular case of colors, CSSPeeper is extremely useful. In fact, the extension allows us to consult the complete color palette of any website with a single click. Of course, we can copy the color codes in hexadecimal format without any problem. In general, the operation of the extension is most simple and intuitive, which is a whole point in its favor.

No doubt this is an extension that will be of great use to many users. If you want to give it a try you can download it from the Chrome Web Store.


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