Dark Horse Announces Three New Figures from ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

Dark Horse has recently announced the distribution of three new figures based on the characters of the universe ‘The Witcher’, specifically in the models of the game ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ of CD Projekt Red.

Three new pieces of the most recommended figures for quality / price-adjusted pockets will be added to the catalog where there are already characters such as Ciri, Yeneffer, Geralt, Triss and Eredin. The snowy additions are Jaskier, Shani and Geralt with the masterful armor of Bear School.

The Witcher 3 Dark Horse Figures

It will arrive through different stores at a price of about $ 34.99. The date of launch in many countries is not confirmed yet, but they are expected for some time during the month of September this year.

After buying and taking a look at one of these figures we can ensure that they enjoy a more than satisfactory finish in their 24 cm size for the price they usually have.

The addition of Geralt with the armor of one of the schools of sorcerers opens up a whole range of possibilities to dress him in the future with the rest of armors appeared in the game in new figures. We sign right now.


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