Dedicated Emoji and Sharing Keys: Apple Patents the Smart Keyboard 2

We are aware of possible features that can be filtered in the next iPad, but sometimes we forget that there are also some accessories that also need to evolve. And in the same way that there are rumors of the second generation of the Apple Pencil, has come to light a patent describing a possible Smart Keyboard 2.

The keyboard cover that should appear next to a renewal of the iPad Pro would have a new exclusive key to share that would replace the right CMD key, and another key that would open the emojis directly for quick access to them. It seems that they are adapting the classic keyboard to iOS functions.

Apple keyboard 2 patent

The latter would replace the Caps Lock key, something in iOS can also be done by pressing twice on the SHIFT key. The share key would open the dialogue to send whatever we have on screen to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …), which is an activity that we usually do.

The search button, in addition, would integrate Siri in some way. We may have to hold down the Spotlight button a few more moments (as we do with the home button on iOS), or you may have to press it twice.


In any case, Apple continues to insist that Siri be a part of our lives. Let’s not be surprised: Amazon and Google are doing exactly the same.

Apple keyboard 2 patent

Will we see something like this next month and the hand of new iPad? Apple wants to see them becoming more and more the substitute for the PC. And with this new keyboard it have compelling reasons.

We will have to wait till WWDC 2017 as this is the conference where the Cupertino company announce a lot of details of their new products. We hope Apple would share some detail on this Smart Keyboard 2 in this developer’s conference.

Source: PatentlyApple


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