Dell Introduces New Laptops Designed for Students

dell laptops for students

Dell today announced three new student-oriented laptops. Their names, Latitude 13, Latitude 11 and Latitude 11 Convertible. They are intended for primary and secondary students. Due to their economic cost, they do not boast a great design, but they will be useful for the tasks of students.

Dell Latitude 11 Convertible is a laptop with the ability to rotate screen 360 degrees, so that it can be used in a similar way to a tablet. Its screen features the Corning Concore Glass and Gorilla Glass NBT technologies, making this equipment resistant to scratches and accidental falls.

As a processor, this computer may have Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium seventh generation. Also, when we use this Dell Latitude in tablet mode, we will have a rear camera with which we can create videos on the go. Dell also offers the option of getting a Dell Productivity Active Pen with the laptop for those tasks that require the precision of writing a stylus.

The Dell Latitude 11 comes with a smaller design, an ergonomic keyboard for comfortable use by students, and a battery that promises to last all day. As an interesting addition, the Dell Latitude 11 comes with the fully sealed keyboard, to avoid the consequences of accidents by spilling liquids on it. It will also have Intel Celeron processors or Intel Pentium seventh generation.

And finally, the largest of the presented devices, Dell Latitude 13, is a 13-inch notebook. This equipment is now smaller but more powerful and its battery will last all day, in addition to other improvements compared to the previous generation. Dell will also give you the option of having E-Rate mobile broadband on this computer, so you can have internet connection in places where Wi-Fi is not available. As for processors, Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium seventh generation or sixth generation, like their earlier models. There will also be models with Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 sixth and seventh generation.

These equipment will be available in the United States, we do not know if they will arrive all around the world. Equipment prices will be $579 for the Dell Latitude 11 Convertible, $349 for the Dell Latitude 11 and $519 for the Latitude 13. These are the prices for the base models. Its availability begins on February 7 on the official Dell website.


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