Dell Introduces Two Screens To Give Direct Competency to Microsoft’s Surface Hub

Dell displays

Today Dell has presented its two screens that come to compete directly with the Surface Hub, but unlike the product of Microsoft the Dell screens require the connection to a separate PC to operate.

It was in January 2015 during the event in which we met Windows 10 Mobile and also saw for the first time the first device of the Surface family that would not be a convertible tablet, it was the Surface Hub.

Later we have already seen how Microsoft intended to make the Surface brand its flagship in the world of hardware, except for the Microsoft HoloLens (which we also saw for the first time in that event in January).

The Surface Hub is a device that unlike the rest of the Surface product range, it is not intended for any consumer user to have it at home. Basically because its price is so high that it would be crazy to buy such a product that we are not going to take advantage of from our house.

However, it is quite interesting for the business sector. Virtually every business has at least one meeting room and we usually always find a blackboard on which to write. The Surface Hub came to revolutionize the meeting rooms.

A few months ago we already saw how even Google wanted to sign up for this fashion of the huge tactile screens for meeting rooms with the presentation of their Jamboard. And now it’s the turn of one of the big players, Dell.

Dell displays

Specifically we have two sizes available, one 55-inch and one 86, similar to the sizes of the Surface Hub that is at 55 and 84 inches. But unlike the Hub, Dell displays are available in 4K resolution (in the Hub they are only with Full HD resolution for the 55-inch and 2K for the 84 model). It supports a stylus to take notes on the screen and recognizes up to 20 points of contact at a time.

The price makes it clear that it is not for the consumer sector as much as we love the idea of having something like that in our home, since the 55-inch model has been said to cost below $5,000, and the price of 85 inch screen is just under $11,000. They will go on sale on March 30th.


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