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When your phone will get Android Q update? List of devices getting android 10 update first

As we all know the Android Q beta is finally out and started to roll out to many of the smartphones. The final preview of Android Q will be live soon, till then you can try the android Q beta for your devices. There are so many devices still didn’t get the android P update even, so you will have to wait for those devices to get the latest android update. But some of the mobile manufacturers is quite fast and give a quick update to their users. Like Google pixel, every android update starts to roll out from Google pixel devices. Because the pixel devices are the own manufacturing of Google and got the Google Android updates first.

Before going through the List of devices getting android 10 update first. let’s have a look at the features highlight of Android 10 update.

List of devices getting android 10 updates first

Android Q update: What’s new in it?

If we talk about the details of the exact features of the Android Q than you will have to wait for the final preview. On the beta update of Android 10 we can give a quick review of newly added features of Android Q:

Android Q release date

The android Q beta update is already here, and there are almost 23 devices which have included in the list of devices getting the android q beta update first. the list includes the smartphone from Google Pixel to Xiaomi Mi Mix.

So these are the devices we come to know from the news source. However, the exact words we can not say about the confirmation of the devices list going to update android 10 updates. the Final Preview of the Android 10 may be rolled out in August 2019 because still the Android Beta 6 will arrive first in July month and after that final update.

I hope your device would be included in the list of the phone will get the Android 10 update first. You can get the update manually by going in setting and check-in software update.

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