‘Diablo III’ Already Allows Us To Test The Armory And the Rest of the Patch 2.5.0

In Blizzcon 2016, the team of ‘Diablo III’ announced great changes to the game, being without doubt the biggest and most striking, the return of the necromancer which is dear to all players of ‘Diablo II’.

At the moment, some of the changes announced in Blizzcon are new objects and dyes, already came to the game in the patch corresponding to the ninth season of the title.

The other changes such as the armory and the new material system, have yet no confirmed date, but are already under way, since Blizzard has released a patch in the public realm of testing ‘Diablo III’ with these additions and some others quite important for the future of the game.

The first of these changes will be the armory, which will allow players to copy the build they have equipped and store it with the rest of their builds for easy change. These armories will be in each city and will not keep our objects, we will simply exchange those that we have equipped with those that we have stored.

The second of these major changes will affect the materials, causing them to be stored in a special tab of our inventory instead of taking up space in our trunks. This will add a button on the Kanai Cube to fill it with the materials needed for each recipe.

The last notable change will be found in the contracts, since the bonuses that gave an extra chest have been eliminated, so that whenever we complete all the contracts of any zone it gives us a cache with the content that we would receive if that zone had a bonus.

As we can see, all the main changes focus on the quality of life of players when it comes to farmear or craftear. To see the complete list of changes you can go through this link.

To test these changes, you only have to enter the public realm of testing for ‘Diablo III’, which is the server that Blizzard dedicates to test changes before releasing them to the official version of the game.


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