Diablo 4 & Final Fantasy Crossover, Rumours & Expectations

Diablo 4 is finally released…..Lol! Kidding. I apologise if in any way I offended you but what about Blizzard? They have been playing with our emotions from the last 7 years. I remember when I spent some part of my pocket money on purchasing tickets of BlizzCon 2018 event. Although it costed me more than 199 bucks, but it didn’t matter to me as my favourite game Diablo 4 was going to release.

But instead what they did was just posted an article stating,” they’re working on different Diablo projects & will update everyone once the product is ready”. Well, I don’t know about you all, but it was a Heart-breaking moment for me. However, the only spark of hope came for me when a Youtuber Rhykker mentioned in his video that Blizzard had already registered the domain for Diablo 4. So, now, on a joyful note, I will come to the main point. In this post, I will try to cover all the rumours or buzz that are spreading all around the Internet. So, let’s proceed-

Latest Diablo 4 News

Well, I don’t have an exact release date of Diablo 4 as of now but according to Kotaku, Blizzard Entertainment will release the 4th part of Diablo video game at the BlizzCon 2019 event. You can expect the game to launch along with the overwatch 2. Earlier, when I got to know that Bizzard scrapped their plans for StarCraft video game, I was surprised & a bit excited. Then I read a blog post at Le Monde & found out that Blizzard had already shown Diablo 4 to its employees in a presentation.

What the Final Fantasy XIV Director & Producer has to Say?

With the hope of a crossover between Diablo 4 & World of WarCraft, Yoshida, recently spoke with PlayStation Magazine. In the interview, he said that World of Warcraft & Diablo 4 is the two games that are on top of his list of a crossover.

He said that” Oh, by the way, if Blizzard ever approached [me], you know, saying ‘Oh, hey, we want you to take the reins to develop Diablo 4,’ oh, I’m gonna drop everything I’m doing and I’m gonna go for it”.

Later, he went on to talk about how successful the crossover between Final Fantasy XIV & Final Fantasy 16 was. According to Yoshida, right now, the popularity of games in MMO genre is at an all-time high.

So, a crossover with Diablo can boost the popularity of other famous games in MMO circles. B.T.W, I agree with him. Imagine yourself….how much new content & story will be available for some new MMO based games.

Moreover, he gave advice to some new players by saying that,” The advice that we would want to give is not to sort of getting head-heavy and like input a lot of information into your mind before starting because Final Fantasy XIV does offer a free trial that people can try out. Rather than trying to get book smart about the game or have other people dictate what to do I think it might actually be best for the players to find out themselves by trying the game out”.

What Do I Expect from Diablo 4?

After playing Diablo 1, Diablo 2 & Diablo 3, I have a lot of expectations from Diablo 4. These are some of improvement & additions that I am looking in the game—

  • Well, first & foremost, I want the game to be built with diversity. I expect a great story & atmosphere in the game where all the stats & traits have unique importance for each of the given class.
  • I want Diablo 4 to have different game modes along with PVP Arenas. Imagine yourself, how great the game will be if you have an option to play Diablo 4 against the players from all around the world.
  • In Diablo 3, I missed the opportunity of hosting & joining the lobbies that were present in Diablo 2. So, I hope that the developers will add this feature in Diablo 4.
  • Sometimes, I wonder, what if,” Diablo 3 didn’t have the whole Boss arena concept”. Well, as per my point of view, the idea behind the boss arena failed miserably. Besides, it was strange to see that no bosses were making any plans when my player was approaching towards them. So, I hope that Diablo 4, will have some fluid & exciting boss scenes like Diablo 2.

Frequently Asked Questions | Diablo 4

Q- When BlizzCon 2019 will happen?

A- Blizzcon 2019 will start on Nov 1st,2019(Friday) & will end on Nov 3rd,2019(Sunday) at Anaheim Convention Center, California, US.

Q- What will be the cost of a ticket at BlizzCon 2019?
A- Well, the price of tickets ranges from $229 to $500.

Q- Will blizzard release Diablo 4 at the event?

A- Yes, I’m 100% confident that Diablo 4 will release along with Overwatch 2.

Final Words

To sum up I would say that I am eagerly waiting for blizzard entertainment to release the 4th edition of years old Diablo video game. Besides, as a fanboy of Diablo video game series, all I can do is wait for the BlizzCon 2019 event.

I hope this year Blizzard will definitely launch the game. However, till then stay tuned to our blog. We will keep you updated on the upcoming news related to Diablo 4. If you have any questions, then you can always ask us via the comments section given below.