‘Dirt Rally’ gets compatibility with VR on PS4

Codemasters has announced the launch of the DIRT Rally update for PlayStation VR, which will allow the rally game to be compatible with the virtual reality of PlayStation 4. Along with it, comes the update that includes the new Cooperative Copilot Mode where a second user can give the instructions of step, with the control and from the social screen.

The VR mode will offer full support in the title, with no restrictions, allowing us to drive for any rally, rallycross or mountain rally. In addition, the update incorporates the aforementioned new Copilot Mode to the rally sections of the game

This was announced a few weeks ago that a new DLC for ‘Dirt Rally’ will come to PS4 and with it the option to play the full game making use of Sony’s virtual reality glasses, PlayStation VR.

This paid DLC has a cost of €13.99 and can currently be purchased for €49.99 in a pack with the base game, which is separately priced at €39.99 in the PS4 digital store.

In addition also a cooperative game option is added in which the player with the glasses will act as a driver and another player from outside will act as a copilot looking at the television screen. In this mode the player who does not wear the glasses must press a sequence of buttons that will sound the indications of the curves approaching the driver.

Also included are visual enhancements when wearing glasses if you play on a PS4 Pro. Although playing the base game without glasses in the new version of the console will not report any visual benefit.


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