Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Window 10

Are you facing an issue with Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU? If yes then do not worry as we are here to help you. There are some ways by which you can disable compattelrunner.exe Microsoft compatibility telemetry in windows pc. So we will guide how to disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry. Shall we start?

Windows 10 comes with many updates and new features, and one of them is Microsoft compatibility telemetry service. This service is enabled automatically on each Microsoft device that collects all your activity and gives the information to Microsoft.

The aim behind the Microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 is innocent but sometime it cause a problem in windows system to some user like high CPU usage or some privacy issue, and in such case, it is needed to disable. So there are some ways by which one can disable it but before we go to the point let’s take a look at the topic what Microsoft compatibility telemetry is.

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What Is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Windows compatibility telemetry is collect the technical data from your windows device and give it to Microsoft. It collects the information about how the device performs and all detail info about software. It collects all the details and uses it to improve the user experience and security.

The Functions Contain:

  1. Keeps Windows updated
  2. Provides to personalise action surfaces of Windows
  3. Examines the use of Windows and helps in its development
  4. Keeps the Windows secure, performant and reliable

Do not confuse Microsoft compatibility Telemetry with telemetry data. It is not data function. It collects the information of a type of hardware used, the types of applications installed, and the usage details of the applications installed along with the trustworthiness information on the device drivers.

Levels Of Telemetry

Now we know what Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is, now move to the levels of Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk. There are total four levels of it. First is Security, second is Basic, third is Enhanced, and the fourth level is Full.

  1. Security:
  • In the first level- security, the telemetry data collected all the data that needed to keep the windows safe. The data stored and make it available to Windows 10 Education editions, Window 10 Enterprise and Windows IoT Core only.
  1. Basic:
  • It is the second level of windows telemetry. Here it required a minimum number of data needed to find the problems to know the device and to recognise its problems. The data available at security level is continuously least.
  1. Enhanced:
  • At this level, windows telemetry gathered all data about use of windows by the user, and it will help the user experience.
  1. Full:
  • It is the last level and works as the name described. It collects entire information from all levels or stages. Which means receiving all data from all above level. Not only it but it also gathers additional data needed for the classification and fixing of problems.

How To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Windows compatibility telemetry uses a high disk CPU and causes many problems in windows. So to Disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry here are some methods. Try the methods given below.


One can disable the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in windows 10 using the Command Prompt method.

Step 1:

  • In the search bar type cmd. It will show you command prompt option.

 Step 2:

  • Right click on the option of command prompt and select option of Run as administrator and then click on yes.

Step 3:

  • It will open a black window; here you have to paste the following command. Press enter after copy paste of each command.

sc delete DiagTrack

sc delete dmwappushservice

echo ““ > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-DiagTrack-Listener.etl

red add “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection”/v AllowTelemtery/t REG_DWORD/d 0 /f


To disable the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 10, you can also use the Registry Editor method if you are using individually using windows 10 from home. The registry editor won’t work if you are using the pc with the Group Policy Editor.

Step 1:

  • Press windows key and R key together to open the run command. In the search bar type regedit and press enter.

Step 2:

  • Now follow the path given below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Data Collection

Step 3:

  • Next, create a new DWORD of 32-bit and give a name to it as Allow Telemetry and set a value 0.
  • After this step, it will disable Telemetry. But if there is no key available, then you will have to create the new one.

Step 4:

  • Next, disable the Connected User Experience and Telemetry Service.

Step 5:

  • To create new key mention in step 3 open run command and type services.msc and press enter.

Step 6:

  • Now find and double click on Connected User Experience and Telemetry Service and select disable from the option of Startup type.
  • You can also disable Windows 10 telemetry with Windows PowerShell. Open it and enter the below-given command in the sequence:

stop-service diagtrack

set-service diagtrack –startuptype disabled


Step 1:

  • Open the run command by pressing the windows key and R key together from the keyboard and in the search bar of run command type services.msc and press enter.

Step 2:

  • It will open the list of services, look for the Diagnostics Tracking Service. Find it and double click on it so it will open property window.

Step 3:

  • Now go to the general tab>> start up>>disable.


To solve the problem of Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage problem, you can disable the compatelrunner.exe Microsoft compatibility telemetry service. It can be done with group policy editor.

Step 1:

  • Invoke run command by pressing the windows key and R key together from the keyboard.

Step 2:

  • In the search bar of run command type gpedit.msc and press enter.

Step 3:

  • It will open window of Local Group Policy Editor. Here go to Computer Configuration and click on Administrative Templates.
  • Next, locate Windows Components within Administrative Templates, and click on it. Inside it click on the option of Data Collection and Preview Builds option.
  • In short terms: Computer Configuration>> Administrative Templates>> Windows Components> >Data Collection and Preview Builds

Step 4:

  • Next, find Allow Telemetry option and double-click on it.

Step 5:

  • Now, click on the option of disabled and then on OK.


The high disk usage due to Microsoft compatibility telemetry is known for windows 10 users and to stop it the simple way is to remove it from the task manager. To do it, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

  • First, open Task Scheduler and follow the route given below:

Task Scheduler Library>> Microsoft>> Windows>>Application Experience

Step 2:

  • It will open a folder; here you have to disable three task that displays on a screen.

Step 3:

  • Now open the Task Scheduler Library and then follow the path given below:

Task Scheduler Library >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Customer Experience Improvement Program

Step 4:

  • Here also you have to disable all the options that show on the screen.
  • This method will work on all the version of windows.


Try the above method but in case any of above method won’t work than last option is to use the tool Reimage Plus. Professionals recommend it for every pc problem. To use it follow the step given below:

Step 1:

  • From the official website, download Reimage Plus, install it and run it.

Step 2:

  • Open it and tap on the Start Scan option to find the problem related to windows.

Step 3:

  • Once it finds the problem, click on repair all option and all done!

The built-in characteristic of Microsoft compatibility telemetry was tried to bring about an enhancement of experience between the user, the features and the operating system. But sometimes this features become interfering, and so user wants to find an option to depreciate connection with Microsoft via your operating system- Windows 10 by disabling the Microsoft compatibility telemetry. All the above-listed methods are work well with Windows 10, and so you can apply any of them to stop your data from being shared.


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