Dishonored 2 Debuts New Update With More Difficulty Options

dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 players already have access on PC, PS4 and Xbox One to a new update that as a major novelty, greatly extends the game’s custom difficulty settings, so that users decide the level of challenge that they are willing to face .

There are more than 20 different sliding bars that allow you to flip any detail, “from the time it takes to effect anesthetic darts to how many enemies can attack you at once,” said the official statement issued by Arkane Studios and Bethesda.

One of the most interesting options has to do with the new Iron Mode, which activated at the beginning of a new game, activates the fearsome Permanent Death, eliminating in passing the option to save or load game manually. The director of Dishonored 2 himself acknowledges that this option “adds aggressiveness” to the video game. “You will live with the consequences of your actions or you will die of permanent form”.

The second important new feature of this second free upgrade is the mission selection option, which allows us to repeat any mission that we have unlocked after its installation. Selectable quests will preserve the status of our tour at the beginning of the mission, including character, chaos, runes, money, options, etc. Finally, game update 2 also adds “other new and improved features, based on player feedback”.

You can check the rest of updates of Update 2 on the official Bethesda blog.


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