Disney Launches a Coloring App for Adults

Disney launches coloring app

Although coloring books are a hobby primarily focused on children, they can be a very relaxing activity for adults as well, and for testing we have the numerous apps that are emerging in major application stores.

Disney also wants to join the festival of colors and today they have released Color by Disney, a coloring app focused on adults. The app is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile and its premise is the same as other tools like Pigment or Recolor.

Are you sure this is for adults?

Just open the application, its interface has already caught my attention, and not precisely because it has a very careful design and, much less, for adults. The coloring sheets also do not have a theme that invites to think that the app is not for children, but hey, when it comes to Disney, you do not have to wait for a collection of mandalas.

Disney coloring app for adults

Regardless of whether or not you color scenes of Beauty and the Beast, the main drawback of this app is that the free content is a small percentage of the entire collection of pictures. In particular, the one that touched me is one of Ursula, the bad witch of The Little Mermaid. And there it is, that’s all there is to coloring.

The operation is the usual in this type of apps: we choose the color and tap in the area that we want to color. To delete a tone click again on it and if we want to copy it we hold down on it.

Color by Disney offers a basic color palette, a section with tones of the same tone and also degraded. As with choosing films, most colors are included in the paid version, so you have to settle for the basics. There is also a section of filters where you can add effects like pencil, marker or wax, but the result is not too good.

And what does it cost to have the app in full? Well it’s not exactly cheap, although there are other coloring apps that are on the same line. In Color by Disney you will have to pay $11.99 if you want to have more than 50 images and all the color palettes. In addition, Disney offers twelve palettes of tones for $1.99.

The truth is that, after trying the app, I only see it interesting for staunch fans of the animated films of the brand or for the little ones of the house. Its price does not help, especially when alternatives like Recolor offer much more free content.


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