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Easy Steps To Download Dolphin Browser For PC & MAC

As we all busy in online surfing so the search engines are becoming advanced according to our need. Everyone wants quick results. Even we have become so impatient that if a webpage takes 10 seconds extra in loading, we leave the site. Dolphin, is the resolution of all these issues. Dolphin, a search engine specially designed for Androids for fast exploring.

Dolphin is a Freeware internet explorer. Dolphin was developed by Mobotap for Android and iOS. It was the first substitute internet explorer for the android rostrum. It is fast, equitably stable and well designed. Due to all these qualities, Dolphin is considered as the best stock browser. There are lots of additional features in dolphin which differentiate it with others. If you spend your hours in watching videos, definitely dolphin is the best choice for you. It runs down HD videos very quickly.

Its installation and downloading is so simple that a beginner can start it easily. User interface is instinctive. I challenge if you once use it, definitely you will forget all browsers. You can assume its quality by this factor that it has 150,000,000 downloads  on android and iOS.

Amazing Features of Dolphin Browser

Dolphin comes with exclusive features for your smartphones and tablets as comparatively others. So take a look at these amazing features of dolphin which makes it superior than other browsers.

1) Dolphin Sonar

Getting bored by typing your query, by using dolphin sonar you can escape from boring typing. With this feature you can search, share and navigate by giving voice commands. Just shake your phone and tell dolphin what you want.

2) Gesture

Gesture is the most promising feature of Dolphin browser because it makes more intelligible the way to navigate. You can open your pet sites with just a touch of your fingertips.

3) One Tap Share

Dolphin browser provides you share option. When you open a site and you want to share its content on social media platforms, Tap share from the menu. You can also tweet and share content through email.

4) Save to Evernote

You can easily save content directly to evernote or box at the time of browsing. You can also save webpages in a separate in your box account.

5)Dolphin Connect

Wanna sync your data between all of your devices? Dolphin connect allows you to sync bookmarks, history, passwords etc between different devices. You need a desktop extension and you easily send phone numbers, photos etc between your computer and other devices.

6) Innovative Browsing

Dolphin is now in fully upgraded for making the browsing experience simple. It comes with instinctive home screen, aerodynamic navigation and search suggestion. You will love browsing with dolphin.

7) Mobile + Desktop mode

You can set modes for mobile and desktop views with Dolphin user agent. If you want dense information, view mobile mode and for vast information view desktop mode.

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Dolphin Browser For Windows 10

After noticing the smart features of dolphin browser, Definitely you would like to install it for your PC. By following these simple steps you can easily download it.

There are 5 Steps to Install the Bluestacks Android Emulator

Now you can enjoy the incredible features of dolphin browser on your PC.

Dolphin Browser for MAC

Dolphin browser is not available for MAC directly. For utilizing it on your Mac you have to install iPadian, a simulator. You can install the browser from iTunes on the simulator for optimising its wonderful features. Rest process would be same.

User’s Review

on June 9, 2018
“Yes, this is the best android browser I’ve used. Reliable and pretty straightforward. I especially like the home page where you can place shortcut icons to your favorite sites.”
on February 20, 2016
“I have been always been a supporter of Dolphin ,its only bad characteristics will be the
app store its basically crap. Supports flash you only need to activated and also if the option for some reason dozen appear on android go to the flash repositories and get the flash version for Android and bum flash videos even on amazon fire tablets”.
on January 24, 2018
“Since I can not get on with SILK I needed to find a way of getting on line so I searched. The only thing that would work was Dolphin. It is not really very good, it just stops working sometime making it frustrating and useless. If you have a 5 years old Kindle you are going to find out that it is obsolete. Silk will not work any more.”
Thus…Dolphin browser is a revolutionary innovation in terms of exploring online world. Go for it, enjoy its ultimate features for fast and innovative browsing. If you have any query regarding it, don’t be hesitate to ask anything and also share your experience if you ever use it.
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