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Don’t keep cell phones next to your body, California Health Department warns

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a warning contrary to the dangers of mobile radiation this week. So Don’t keep cell phones next to your body. Yes, the thing we are all addicted to and can’t seem to put down is dripping electromagnetic radiation. Now California has some advice

The CDPH asks individuals to reduce their usage of these devices. Also suggests keep  distance from these device whenever it is possible.

CDPH director Dr. Karen Smith statement on this topic

Don’t keep cell phones next to your body

CDPH director Dr. Karen Smith statement on this topic “Although the science is still evolving. There are concerns among some public health professionals and members of the public regarding long-term. High use exposure to the energy emitted by cell phones,”

The warning comes after findings have been offered up this week from a 2009 section document, which was printed following an order in the Sacramento Superior Court.

One year ago, UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz pioneered a litigation to get the department to discharge the findings. Once he began looking into whether cell phone use raised the risk of outbreaks like tumors.

A draft of this record was released in March, however, the last release is more extensive.

“There is a minimum distance we should keep from our Phone”

Don’t keep cell phones next to your body

On a interview with  local news station KCRA, Moskowitz told “The cellphone manufacturers want you to keep a minimum distance away from your body and you should find out what that distance is”. He added “If you keep the device by your body you will exceed the safety limits provided by the FCC.” So Don’t keep cell phones next to your body,

As stated by the Federal Communication Commission’s site, there’s not any national standard designed for security limitations. On the other hand, the bureau demands cell phone makers to guarantee all of telephones comply with “goal limits for safe exposure.”

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The CDPH recommends not keeping your mobile phone in your pocket. Also not putting it up to your ear for a protracted amount of time, maintaining use low if there are two bars or less. Not sleeping near it at night and to be aware that if you are in a fast-moving auto, train or bus, your telephone will emit more RF energy to maintain the connection.

Other organizations have cautioned of the hazards of mobile phone radiation exposure also. Such as the Connecticut Department of Public Health, which issued similar recommendations in May of 2015.

Don’t keep cell phones next to your body :- Moskowitz

Moskowitz maintains state and national health agencies haven’t kept up with all the study.  “The preponderance of the research indicates that cell phone radiation poses a major risk to health,” he said in a statement.

So from now don’t keep cell phones next to your body, This can be harmful.

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