9Apps Reviews: How Safe is 9Apps App Store to Use?

9apps app store is an alternative of Google Play Store, from where you can install apps and games in your mobile free.

9Apps is a popular android app store like Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and Aptoide Apps Store. It is one of the widely used android app distribution platform from where anybody can download android apps and games. According to reports, 9Apps has over 300 million active users in all over the world and has a strong presence in India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. 9Apps users considers this app store as an alternative of Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other app stores because 9Apps supports all operating systems such as android, iOS, windows, and blackberry.

Yeah, I understand you worried about legality of 9Apps and wants to know “Is it safe to use 9apps or not?”. We will cover this topic and give you in-depth answer “how it’s safe to use 9apps and how it’s not safe to use 9apps”.

9Apps is a small app store, but it offers variety of content such as videos, movies, wallpapers, games, apps, apk files etc, not like other app stores, which offers only apps. Users can install many of such apps for free in their mobile phones, which are premium on other app stores. But on 9apps, all these apps are completely free, and users do not have to pay even one penny for installation of these apps. 9Apps provides many offers to their users such as coupons, and with these coupons, users can grab huge profits on online purchases from sites like Amazon India.

See More: Some Promising Feature of 9 Apps App Store which will help you to decide whether install it or not? Even, this post covered few of the features you weren’t heard or care before.

Is 9Apps Safe or not?

The 9Apps app store is safe and secure. It is completely free of malware and viruses. However, there are certain apps on the platform that have caused some problems.

There have been certain users who have faced difficulties regarding adware after they had downloaded some apps from 9Apps according to certain sources. This adware could not be removed even after reverting back to factory settings.

9Apps has a lot of negative reviews on various app rating websites as well on YouTube. These videos warn users to not download certain apps from 9Apps as those apps have been known to steal personal data of the users.

How to Keep Smartphone Secure after Installing 9Apps

As we all knows, 9Apps offer crack apps so there are too much chances of having adware or malicious virus inside those crack app so whenever you download and install any app from 9apps, then try to verify about that app whether it’s good to download or not. You could search on YouTube about Installng any app from 9apps and how does it works? If you got positive signs or if you didn’t get any negativity about that specific app, then you could move ahead and download those apps from 9apps app store.

In short, just download any app from 9apps app store after doing your own research.

How to Download & install 9Apps app store in mobile phone?

9apps app store supports all the operating systems, so follow the instructions for download this app store, according to your device’s OS.

Install 9Apps via APK file:

  1. Firstly, enter 9apps.com in any browser available in your mobile.
  2. Now, you have to login.
  3. After login, you can see there a download button, on which you have to click and wait for complete the download.
  4. After download, click on install.
  5. In the last, press the finish button, and that’s it.

Install on Android phone:

  1. Before install this app store on your android phone, you have to change some settings. You should go in setting, then security, and tick the unknown sources.
  2. Now, open any browser available in your phone, and enter 9apps.com.
  3. A download button will be available there, where on you have click.
  4. After download the file, just click on Install option.
  5. After completing the installation, you can start to use 9apps.

Install on iOS devices:

  1. First, you have to change the setting.
  2. Go to Setting, then security, and tick the unknown sources.
  3. They search 9apps on Google.
  4. You will get a link 9apps.com, and just click on it.
  5. After open the page, click on download and wait.
  6. After download, go to the folder where file located.
  7. Tick the term and conditions, click on Install, and wait.
  8. After installation, you can use 9apps.

Install on Windows phones:

  1. You have to change the settings first. Go to setting, then security, and check the unknown sources.
  2. Now, open the browser and enter 9apps.com.
  3. After open the page, you will find there a download button, just click, and wait.
  4. After downloading, open the file and click on install.
  5. After installation, you can use 9apps.

Install on Blackberry phones:

  1. First, change the settings, and check the unknown sources.
  2. Open the browser, and enter the 9apps.com.
  3. Click on download button, and wait.
  4. After download, click on install, and that’s it. 9apps are ready to use.

9Apps Reviews:

9apps is an amazing app store, where you can find variety of apps. Comparing Google Play store and Apple app store, it has fewer apps, but still it is one of the most popular app stores. 9apps are available for all platforms, and very easy to download. But have some issues too with some apps. So, I will give 9 out 10.

Hope you like the information here about 9apps app store. Must share your feedback with us, and comment below the post if you have any query and question regarding 9apps.


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