Download And Play Pokemon Crystal ROM | Cheats Also Included

Pokemon Crystal is an upgraded version of the Gold and Silver sequels. It is basically based on the same principle and comes with similar, base features, but it has a more to offer. The original game was developed for Gameboy Color and it was one of the best-selling games back at the time. Luckily for you, now you can play the same game, with the same features and the same intuitive gameplay on your computer or Gameboy Advance. Yes, Pokemon Crystal ROM allows you precisely that.

Introduction of Pokemon Crystal ROM

pokemon crystal rom The ROM in question has been developed using the Fire Red V1.0 platform, known for offering the latest and the most sophisticated options when it comes to game file manipulation. In essence, you can experience all-new features, new rivals, and new mysteries. The original game was great in the meaning of offering a different gameplay from previous sequels, but it lacked a lot of useful features and possibilities! Think of Pokemon Crystal ROM as an original game in combination with many, fresh possibilities. Still, the game engine is 99% similar to the original game, which suggests that none of the essences has been compromised. Interesting: This is the first game which allowed you to choose the gender of your character.

Pokemon Crystal GBA ROM is developed by a team of developers, making it a stable version. In other terms, this means that the game doesn’t have bugs nor issues that may have a negative effect on the gameplay.

Awesome And Cool Features In Pokemon Crystal ROM You Can Enjoy

As we already have mentioned, the ROM game is paired with new features. They can be divided into two categories, as those introduced to the game for the first time and those that have been borrowed from other sequels. In any case, during the gameplay, you will fully experience the following features.

  • Day And Night System

The game features an appealing day and night system, allowing for the players to experience: morning, evening, sunset and even night. The best part is that the game offers this feature in Real Time, offering specific possibilities of pre-defined part of a day/night.

  • Kanto And Johto Regions

These two regions were some of the most popular ever developed. Luckily for you, they are present in the ROM file! You can relieve both of them at any moment you want. In addition, they come with new music and better graphics.

  • New Chapter Based on Orange Islands

Orange Islands were a well-known element of the game, but now they are upgraded as well. The new regions definitely should be explored. Zane will visit this region after completing Johto and Kanto regions.

  • Secret Areas In The Game

In the ROM game, you will experience an Open Ocean and literally dozens of secret areas that awaits you to discover them.

  • Go Deep

Dive in the Ocean and explore the new world that is completely different that anything you saw before.

  • Season Elements

While playing the Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM, you will notice that your character must deal with the elements such as rain, snow and etc. This is a simple feature that actually makes the entire game a much better and more advanced than ever before. We will also add that the graphics of the elements are a lot better than on equivalent sequels.

  • Enhanced Battle Mechanism

The battle mechanism or mechanics if you prefer has been significantly improved as well. Now, it features an identical EXP system as in Black and White. It is much better and far more advanced than the original battle mechanism in Pokemon Crystal.

  • New Music

While fighting, you will be able to listen to new music. Let’s mention that the entire music in the game has been upgraded, meaning that the gameplay is much better than ever before.

  • Berries Can Be Grown

A new berry system is implemented as well. For the first time, it is possible to grow berries. This is actually one of the most appreciated features in the ROM version.

  • Redeveloped Moves of The Gym Leaders And Rivals

They will fight like never before, making the entire game simply better. Try to remember that you will must adapt to new battle mechanisms, so spend some time on exercising, before you move to the real battles.

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Pokemon Crystal Cheats

Cheats in the game allow you to get new capabilities, new characters and much more. Keep in mind that all you have to do is to type a code and you will notice that the cheat is activated. All cheats we mentioned below won’t affect the game stability, meaning that they can be used as often as you want. All the Pokemon Crystal cheats were tested and proven to work.

  • 010CD8D4- Generate blonde girl.
  • 0130D8D4- Nido-queen.
  • 013CD8D4- Character with black hair 1.
  • 0148D8D4- Character with black hair 2.
  • 016CD8D4- Rival of the trainer.
  • 0160D8D4- Mom of the trainer.
  • 0100D8D4- No effect-Original Sprite.
  • 91xx04D2- Allows you to fight with any Pokemon you want. All you have to do is to replace the XX with one of the following codes: Bulbasaur (01), Ivysaur (02), Venusaur (03), Charmander (04), Charmeleon (05), Charizard (06), Squirtle (07), Wartortle (08), Blastoise (09), Kakuna (0E), Pidgey (10 and Pikachu (19).
  • In order to infect a Pokemon with the virus (Pokemon Virus) you can use the following codes: 010146DA 9101FBDC (Pokemon 1), 010176DA 91012BDD (Pokemon 2), 0101A6DA 91015BDD (Pokemon 3), 0101D6DA 91018BDD (Pokemon 4), 010106DB 9101BBDD (Pokemon 5) and 010136DB 9101EBDD (Pokemon 6).
  • Changing the moves of your Pokemon: (Slot 1) 01xxE1DC, (Slot 2) 01xxE2DC, (Slot 3) 01xxD3DC, (Slot 4) 01xxD4DC. Once again, XX should be replaced with Flamethrower (35), Spark (D1), Aeroblast (B1) or Hydro Pump (38).
  • 91xxF2D0 code is more specific and one of the most commonly used cheating alternatives in the game. It allows you to obtain items from marts. As you may know, XX should be replaced with one of the codes. They include 04 Great Ball, 05 Poke Ball, 0D Paralyze heal, 0E Full Restore, 0F Max Potion, 10 Hyper Potion and 23 Metal Powder.
  • 91xx13D2- Battle with a level Pokemon. As usual, you will have to replace the XX with one of the following values: 0A (10), 14 (20), 1E (30), 28 (40), 32 (50), 3C (60), 46 (70), 50 (80), 5A (90), 64 (100) and 96 (150).
  • If you are looking for rare dogs in the game, now you can use codes to capture them easily. Due to the fact they are almost impossible to find sometimes, the codes are much appreciated. Type: 91F304D2 (Raikou Dog), 97F404D2 (Entie) and 91F504D2 (Suicine).
  • 9100FAC2, 9100FBC2, 9100FCC2, 9100FDC2- Walk through any object or an obstacle you have come across. Try all codes to see which one is the most suitable for your specific need.

The codes mentioned here are more unique, so they should be mentioned separately. A good thing is that they won’t compromise the gameplay nor the functions of the game.

  • 010004d2- Used to help you find and catch Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM character which is difficult to find.
  • 910730d2- Generated green Mew-two.
  • 01ff4bdc- Unlimited points on the blue card.
  • 91015dd9- Ride a bike. The code allows you to ride it even when inside a building.
  • 910075da- All starters.
  • 0101fadc- Eggs will hatch much quicker.
  • 01977bdf- Use this code carefully! It will allow you to get a new character from the next hatching egg. However, you won’t know what it is, so it brings a certain risk.

How To Play Pokemon Crystal ROM

Finally, you have the honor to play on of the best Pokemon-related games on your computer. All you have to do is to:

  1. Download the Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM.


  1. Download the emulator (it is a software that allows you to perform the next step). The size of it is usually around 5MB.
  2. Import the ROM file you have just downloaded.
  3. Run the game.

Additionally, you can adjust several aspects in the game, all available from the options menu. If you prefer playing games on your smartphones, now you can do this thanks to smartphone emulators. The ROM files are the same, but they will have to be downloaded or transferred to your smartphone. Import them into the emulator and enjoy! They require low system requirements, so users with older smartphones can play them without a problem.

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The Final Thought

Pokemon Crystal was one of the best and the most appealing sequel of all times. Now, you can experience all of its magic and advantages that are with our amazing ROM. All of the elements you once adored are still present, but all drawbacks have been eliminated, so in essence, you get the best of both worlds. Pokemon Crystal GBA game can be compared with newer sequels and it will still be a valuable choice. With all the cheats we mention here, expect a lot from the game and from your gameplay. Being the best player isn’t hard when you can get our help!



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