Download the new version of Google Maps, which includes a chronology of visited sites

Download the new version of Google Maps which brings a few features and lot of improvements in the app. Google Maps is the application par excellence to guide us when we visit another city or another country. The company of the great G knows this and therefore pampers it with constant updates that improve the usability and operation of the app.

As for this update, as is usual in Google Maps, this is not a great revolutionary change, but the introduction of small details that in the long run the majority of users appreciate. The modifications of which we speak to you, as we have seen in The Free Android are the following:

  • Share places through a new button at the top of the menu.
  • Information about when a place was visited, with direct access to see it in our chronology.
  • When we are back in a place already visited we can see it directly in the chronology, to see what we did exactly or how long ago we did not go through that place.
  • Finally, the blue menu that appears when we click on a marked point on the map has undergone a small redesign to make it more comfortable and accessible.

As you can see, they are small changes that one can barely notice like the new navigation bar that integrated in the app recently. Of course, all of them seem aimed at giving greater importance to the chronology of Google Maps, a tool that at least in person is little used.

The update is already available in the Google Play Store, so if you are interested in trying the new version you can check if you have it available. If not, it should not take more than two or three days to be available for download, so be patient because it will eventually arrive on your smartphone.


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