Dragon Quest Ⅺ Straight Cut Review

Dragon Quest Ⅺ is a Japanese anime style is a role-playing video game. The game was developed by Square Enix in the direction of Takeshi Uchikawa. Currently, Dragon Quest Ⅺ is available on Nintendo 3Ds, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch only.

The game sold over four million copies worldwide and still counting. The lead character of the game, Luminary is seen in crossover fighting game named as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Before moving towards let’s provide you a glimpse of gameplay as that will help you to provide deeper information of the game.

Dragon Quest Ⅺ
Dragon Quest Ⅺ

Dragon Quest Ⅺ Gameplay

The Ⅺ game of the series plays as an extension to the ongoing game series. You will explore the world and have to fight with monsters which will try to stop you. The game features high-quality graphics along with the 3D version that is available on the Nintendo 3DS.

It is a visual treat which refreshes your mind the game quality can be estimated by seeing the huge popularity Dragon Quest Ⅺ in the masses.

Dragon Quest Ⅺ Review

The Japenese Anime game Dragon Quest Ⅺ is one of the best examples in the role-playing genre. It seems to be simple but it is done purposefully as it becomes more complex as you recede in-game. Yes.. the game is not that simple but unadulterated which makes it exclusive. It features gameplay of 65 hours in a single run. 

The game features Turn-Based Battles but they are so finely choreographed that make them worth. It is full of surprises, great graphics, tactical, satisfying along with a variety of wild animals that makes the battle unpredictable.

As the game is full of twists and turns but keeps you entertained and you want to finish the game as soon as possible.

Apart from the High Seas area, the game doesn’t have any random battles. The wild enemies are designed beautifully and with fluid animations, they seem very attractive.

You can also avoid the enemies, a visual indicator and alarm are given to alert if you are too close. Even there are some weaker group of enemies present on the game which usually ran away.

Find Hidden Things

Dragon Quest is a beautiful and wide game as you have to find treasures hidden in every direction of the game. All you need to do is explore the most unusual areas and discover most precious things.

These precious things can be crafting materials or a secret recipe for making useful equipment. You can also exchange these crafting materials to buy equipment but crafting adds the fun element and makes the game engaging. 

Confusing Accents

The voice given in Dragon Quest Ⅺ is of good quality but It seems Different from Accent Point of view. I would recommend to mute the sound and go with the subtitles these are beautifully crafted with lots of funny one-liners.

That adds on the humor in the game do not get confused with some unique words as these are the local language of the game. So, you are not going to find their meaning from google.

Variety of Characters

You will witness a wide variety of distinctive characters in Dragon Quest Ⅺ. The lead character of the game Luminary is not more than a blank character that can adapt your style of playing.

One thing that the game will keep reminding you that he is the chosen one to save the world. Rest of the part of the game is full of happening and beautiful characters. 

The wide variety of colorful characters makes the game vibrant and different tricks used by every character. Keeps you interested in-game. The story of games doesn’t go stuck due to a lot of characters but seems much more progressive than its previous versions.

As Dragon Quest is an ongoing story but the new additions of characters are much more interesting without making any change with ongoing plot.

You also have the option to shuffle your team members in halfway of any battle this helps you to tackle any situation more effectively. Every character has its own style of combat which range on each level adding some great moves.

This is one more reason that made me confident in bad situations as I am able to switch the character by paying a little penalty. The game also features a reward system that is based on your points earned accomplishing battle targets. So, Keep open your eye and brain to enjoy the game and earn all the way along. 


That’s all for today, As far as my opinion is concerned the game offers much more than its previous parts. Must try and experience the Saiyan magic. I hope you find the information helpful and will refer it to your friends and family members.

Still having any doubt or confusion mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to provide a solution for your problem in upcoming blogs.