‘Dragon Quest X’ is first seen on Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest X

During a recent live broadcast featuring ‘Dragon Quest X’, the Nintendo Switch version of the game in portable and recorded mode off-screen has been seen for the very first time. Additionally, it has shown a little more footage of the PS4 version of the game as well. In the video that you have at the end (captured by DualShockers) we can see moments flying on a mount, combat and even a final boss.

Launch in Japan

The game will arrive in Japan on August 17 in PS4 and on September 21 for Nintendo Switch, both editions will be priced at 4,800 Yen (around $ 43 USD).

Monthly payments to play will cost 1,500 Yen (around $ 15 USD) on PS4 with access to five character slots. While Switch will cost between 1,000 (around $ 9 USD) and 1,500 (around $ 15 USD) Yen a week with access to 3 or 5 character slots.

Watch the ‘Dragon Quest X’ watchplay video:

The launch of this MMORPG that has been jumping between platforms like 3DS, PC, Wii and Wii U still exist in none of the ways outside of Japan. Although the launch of such a product could cause a sensation among the millions of fans that the franchise has outside of Japan, however, it is too risky to throw out an MMORPG with monthly fees.

‘Dragon Quest’ is one of the oldest and first role-playing games in the Dragon Quest media franchise that was released in 1986 by Enix for the family computer and by Nintendo in 1989. However this game has been kept up to date with the technology and so is also available in PS4 and other such platforms. As for now this ‘Dragon Quest X’, which is the online multiplayer version of its predecessors, is available in multiple platforms.


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