Dying Light Looks To the Future Updated with Eye Tracking

Dying Light Looks To the Future

Dying Light Looks To the Future is updated with the innovative technology of eye tracking. Pawel Rohleder, technology director at Techland, has presented a new and surprising update for Dying Light giving prominence to a technology almost unheard of in the commercial video game sector: eye tracking. It will kill undead and parkour with quick bursts of sight.

The studio has shown in the trailer how it works: you must focus your eyes on the goals to achieve them. On the other hand, they have added dynamic light, which changes the light of the game as we focus our eyes on the different details of the stage to simulate an experience identical to that of the human eye in reality.

The hud is also dynamic: it will be translucent while we are not looking at it. This technology, not accessible to all users, has been developed with the company Tobii Eye Tracking, and shows interesting elements to take into account in future video games if the technology of eye tracking is just settled among the mass public.


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