EA on Switch: “We will be in the console where the users are”

fifa world

fifa world

After announcing its initial bet by Nintendo Switch with FIFA, the executive vice president of Electronic Arts speaks of his company’s support for the new console. The Americans, for the moment, only confirm a game for the Nintendo system.

Electronic Arts Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund has spoken to the US portal IGN about the FIFA debut on Nintendo Switch and its support for the new Nintendo console. “It’s a license that works in all markets and that expands among a larger demographic age. It’s a proposal for the mass market, a video game that many people want to play.”

The support of the third parties is not always decisive but it is a tremendous attraction when buying a console, as can be the case of the new and new Nintendo Switch and its relationship with Electronic Arts. And is that after announcing that the new Nintendo console would have a FIFA (based on those of the previous generation) in its catalog, has put many gamers in the happy mode.

Soderlund commented further that: “It is our way of showing that we will support the platform and that we will be there. We have not announced anything else at the moment, but you can wait for us once the platform takes off.”

Soderlund does not hide or disguise his love for Nintendo, because according to the vice president, if not for the Japanese company, he would not be focusing on video games right now. It goes without saying that the second name of his son is Luigi. His fanaticism for Nintendo beyond all doubt but, of course, is not what determines the agreements between Electronic Arts and Nintendo, simply makes Soderlund a person adequate enough to talk about the subject.

Soderlund is all Nintendo fan that he can be, but he does not catch his fingers. FIFA yes, we are here, although based on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But nothing else until it is launched and take off. No Mass Effect: Andromeda (for example), which comes out at the same time as Nintendo Switch (March 23).

Regarding future video games in Switch, he linked it to the success of the machine: “We will be in the console where users are. New hardware is always a positive news for the industry, it allows us to move forward.”