‘Earthlock: Festival of Magic’ Closer For Launch on Wii U


The developers of ‘Earthlock: Festival of Magic’ have shared a new insight that the game is almost complete and will arrive Wii U soon.

Now that the Great N is about to release its new game console, some of the titles planned for Wii U have given the jump to Nintendo Switch. It will not be the case of the popular Earthlock: Festival of Magic, which according to developers is already close to premiering on the current platform of Nintendo desktop.

“The Wii U version has given us some challenges, but we have made great strides,” said the Snowcastle Games team on the Kickstarter website, where they successfully funded this turn-based adventure. “We only have to optimize the last scenes and we hope to start the certification process in about two weeks,” added the authors of the video game, which is already available on other platforms.

With this data on the table, Earthlock: Festival of Magic should be available on Wii U in late February or early March. Will there also be a version for Nintendo Switch? At the moment there is nothing clear because Nintendo has not yet provided us with accurate information on when they would publish this game on their new machine.

“Feel free to use social networking and let Nintendo know you want to see Earthlock on Switch,” adds the development team.

So if you have any questions, you can directly ask the team on twitter.

Below you can watch the launch trailer video of Earthlock: Festival of Magic.


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