EasilyDo Mail finally reaches the Android platform

EasilyDo, initially known for its mobile virtual assistant application, has long been one of the best e-mail applications for the iOS platform, which closely resembles the Apple Mail app but adds advanced features that make it even more Useful thanks, among other things, to its integrated virtual assistant.

In other words, EasilyDo’s focus is on providing familiar e-mail experiences along with advanced features instead of trying to reinvent the way e-mail is handled and thus preventing users from going through a new curve learning.

Well, EasilyDo Mail now reaches the Android platform following the same line. In this sense, it offers the same functional and visual familiarity as many of the e-mail applications for Android joined in addition to the aforementioned advanced functions.

Among the features is the ability to track orders in transit, to unsubscribe e-mail newsletters that are no longer wanted to click away, the automatic organization of messages for expenses, purchases, and travel information, tracking real-time flights, and more. It will also have features specific to the Android platform, such as messages grouped in notifications, quick responses from notifications and access to shortcuts from the launcher for Nougat Android devices as well as the possibility to answer via voice and receiving notifications via watches under Android Wear.

In addition, EasilyDo Mail for Android supports Gmail, www hotmail com, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Office / Outlook 365, and AOL, and IMAP mail accounts. Soon it will also have support for Exchange. EasilyDo Mail is now available in the Google Play Store for free for Android devices 5.0 and up, although it appears that it is not available to all users globally.
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