Easy Mode in Super Mario Run, The Novelty of the Latest Update

Super Mario Run with the latest update included an “Easy Mode” that will make the game interesting for causal gamers.

If you are one of the most casual players and you are looking to hang out with the games before you squeeze your limits to reach all the achievements, the latest update of Super Mario Run is designed for you. Nintendo has just released a review of its iOS app that includes a collection of new features and bug fixes, along with a new “Easy Mode” for Super Mario Run.

Precisely the update comes the same day that Nintendo’s earnings in the third quarter have been announced as well as the number of downloads of the first title of the famous plumber for mobile devices: 78 million download worldwide since its launch in December. In addition, more than 5% of these downloads have acquired the full version of the game, generating $53 million revenue for the company.

Returning to the most entertaining point, the one that interests the end user, Nintendo has added this new easy mode in Super Mario Run to bring the title to all types of players, who will now be able to traverse levels of the game.

In a simple way with no time limits and with unlimited bubbles, players can take the time they want to complete a level and die as many times as necessary to overcome complicated sections.

The update of Super Mario Run, besides this new easy mode also includes new events, an adjustment in the amount of toads that are lost and which they gain in the Toad Rally mode, the classic corrections of errors that accompany to these revisions.

Super Mario Run can be downloaded from the App Store for free to play some levels, although as we have indicated if you want to access all the content of the Nintendo game you will have to go through the box and pay out the $9.99 (costs of full version of the game) .

In addition to the arrival of the easy mode to Super Mario Run, which joins with other innovations applied in previous occasions to the game of Nintendo, what interests the players of is when will Super Mario Run arrive to Android. According to the news that appeared in previous weeks, it will not be too long to enjoy the careers of the plumber on mobile with Google’s operating system, as its landing is scheduled for March.

Although the exact date of its arrival is not known, at least the new Nintendo game for mobile already appears in the Google Play Store, in the form of pre-registration.


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