Ed Boon thinks about a possible cross between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter

Ed Boon loves the idea of possible cross between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, although it does not believe that it is possible to “satisfy everyone” with this video game.

When asked about the possibility of crossing in the same videogame to the bloody Mortal Kombat fighters with the characters of Street Fighter veteran, Ed Boon has recognized that it is an idea that he likes, although he does not think that they will be able to satisfy all the fans of both franchises. At least, he says, he would have to work a lot on this project.

He says,

There is a part in me that is like ‘that would be a great dream’, but there is also another part of me that says: ‘there is no way to satisfy everyone’.

He does not refer exclusively to the violence of his franchise, because even if they let him “get his head off Ryu”, it would still be difficult to achieve success with this video game.

We already saw the characters of Mortal Kombat face the heroes and villains of DC Comics with more than satisfactory results, so the question is clear. Why not with Street Fighter? Ed Boon refers to the rhythm of the hairs, which are very different in both franchises. He added, “I do not know if we could find that sweet balance. One of the licenses would have to sacrifice something”, as was revealed in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Despite everything, Boon does not close the doors to this project, and if Capcom knocks at his door someday, the creator and his team will thoroughly investigate Street Fighter to study how to create this video game. Currently, NetherRealm Studios works on the promising Injustice 2, which stars the great heroes and villains of DC Comics.


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