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5 Effective Email List Cleaning Tactics For Better Engagement



All people with rare exceptions like shiny, perfect things. They make you a little happier. The same is true for the subscriber base that we, as marketers, use in our campaigns. To achieve targeted conversions, you should not solely rely on a list rich in contacts, tasty and interesting content, or original visual design. All of this is great, but money will fritter away if cleaning your subscriber list is far from perfect.

If you often catch yourself thinking about how to clean up my email list, we’ve got the solution. In this guide, you will find 5 most effective tactics that will help keep your customer base in order, and also make the process of regular cleaning easy and enjoyable. But first, let’s define this kind of cleaning. Let’s find out what its benefits are for marketing campaigns, and what are the risks of being irresponsible about scrubbing your email base. In the final part of our guide, we will look at the email list cleaner Proof as one of the best services that can take your business to a completely different level of success.

What is Contact Database Scrubbing?

Scrubbing emails is the process of verifying the subscriber accounts in the database for authenticity and activity. If the list contains fictitious or incorrect data, mailers are not assigned to real people, or used for fraudulent purposes, cleaning will help identify them and get rid of them. In addition, deep cleaning helps to make mailings more targeted, which significantly increases conversions.

What are the benefits of the regular hygiene of the subscriber list?

Among the many advantages of cleaning up emails, we will highlight the main ones:

A valid contact list is the most powerful way to increase customer engagement in marketing campaigns. This way you can ensure a much more trusting and long-term relationship with your subscribers, create new and useful content that will really be interesting to them.

What is the threat of a dismissive attitude towards the cleaning of the contact base?

While the question of how to clean up email plays a key role in the effectiveness of ad campaigns, many marketers still neglect it. And this is how it can turn out:

In short, we do not recommend sending out emails if there is unverified data in the database.

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Top pros of mailing list validation

If you are asking how to clean my email, you probably want to know what are the main advantages of this procedure. Pros of a clean list:

Here are 5 tactics to help you make regular scrubbing emails as effective as possible.

5 good hygiene tactics for your contact list

There are at least 5 easy ways to hygiene your subscriber base and increase priority conversions:

  1. Audience segmentation. This method will help to get several separate lists, compiled on the basis of behavioural factors and interests of users, demographic, gender, age and social characteristics.
  2. Duplicate Removal, Error Correction. Duplicate accounts or incorrectly recorded data incur unnecessary costs and damage to your reputation. You can manually clear the database of such “garbage”, but we recommend that you entrust all the routine work to a reliable service.
  3. Removing spam addresses. The presence of such entries in the database is a real marketer’s nightmare. Several dispatches to such addresses and consider that you are already on the ban list. To do this, use the automation functions, but more on that later.
  4. Re-engagement / one more consent / simplification of refusal. We recommend using 3 subparagraphs at once, but one may be quite enough too. To re-engage, you need to send one and the same subscriber who did not react to the first message in any way, another letter, but with different content, an offer, etc. Another consent means that you ask your subscribers to confirm the fact that they are interested in you and that your product is useful.
  5. Digital Marketing Automation. Pre-written algorithms that will work in multiple directions at the same time. It is the coolest tactic in the world of email marketing. Segmentation, cleaning up emails, removal of fake and inactive addresses, or emails that cause soft or hard bounce, and much more. Automation solves any problem for you while you are engaged with more important things.

And for dessert – the best platform that cleans the subscriber base at a professional level.

The best cleaning service for the perfect customer list

The Proofy cloud platform is one of the best email list cleaning services, which can be used both from the corporate website of the company and through the integrated API functionality. For those who still think of how to clean up my email list efficiently and quickly, the software offers a wide range of options, such as:

Ready to try something really cool and effective with your digital marketing? Proofy is just the thing!

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