Electronic Arts continues talking about wonders of the new titles of ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Electronic Arts has big plans for ‘Star Wars’, with virtually all of their studios working on galactic titles: Visceral Games, SAYS, Motivate, Respawn, Bioware… Almost all of them are long-term projects, other than ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’, which has not been officially announced, although confirmed, and that Blake Jorgenssen, CFO of the canadian company, has commented that it will be “much bigger” than the original 2015, and will feature characters and scenes from the new films.

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ featured only the characters from the original trilogy, as well as ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ through DLC.

Jorgenssen said:

“The ‘Star Wars’ universe is incredible for creating video games around it because it’s hugely vast.”

So the sequel will include an single-player campaign, a shortage much criticized in the original, and is being developed by Motive, the new study of Jade Raymond.

Meanwhile, Bioware is in charge of an RPG based on the universe ‘Star Wars’, which will have a strong science fiction, somewhat ‘Mass Effect’ style.
Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, said:

“When you think about this game, you should do it about the great development of characters and history that Bioware is known for, but in a world of action and adventure”

However, Jorgenssen also gave more information about other titles, among which is one of the titles of action and adventure, although does not specify if it is from Respawn with Stig Asmussen (‘God of War 3’) as a Director or Visceral Games which will be screenplay by Amy Hennig, ex Naughty Dog.

Maybe soon we might get some news about the new Star War games. Currently it is in development, but we expect to see it by the end of 2017.


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