‘Elite Dangerous: Arena’ is no longer available in Steam stores or Xbox One

‘Elite: Dangerous’ has continued to expand and grow in popularity, thanks to the fact that it is a great experience that places players in a world of science fiction where they will take on the role of space explorers with the mission to colonize more parts of the universe. With the possibility of taking different roles during the title, players will have a different experience depending on what role they want to play.

Along with the Base Game, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ launched its separate sand mode, which allowed players to access player-versus-player mode from the title without the need to go through the base version of the game.

A post on the game forums has revealed that this mode has been removed from Steam and Xbox One. This does not mean that this mode has been removed from the game, since ‘Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ was included, from where it can be played now.

The ‘Elite Dangerous’ team explained,

“We have reviewed the metrics, which suggest that the vast majority of Arena players play through the main client of ‘Elite Dangerous’ instead of their independent versions.”

“We have made the decision to remove the independent version of ‘Elite Dangerous: Arena’ to reduce the number of builds we have to maintain and manage on Steam, Xbox One and from the second quarter of 2017, PlayStation Network.”


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