Email Insights is the new Microsoft Garage project

Email Insights of Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage members have developed an experimental project called email insights for accessing email quickly and effectively.

In daily work with the PC, whether in environments of domestic or more professional, the use of the different functions related with the email is something more than usual. All this despite the fact that after the appearance of instant messaging proposals, its use has dropped slightly, but it remains one of the most widespread communication tools.

A giant of software in many sectors such as Microsoft is fully aware of all this and does not stop working to improve the experience of users of Windows systems when dealing with email. In this case we are going to talk about a new project of Microsoft Garage, which as some you know, is a division of the own firm of Redmond that allows its employees to work in projects that often have no direct relation with its main function inside the company.

Well, some members of Microsoft Garage have created an email application that is an integral part of the latest version of the Windows 10 system. It is Email Insights, an experimental project whose purpose is to work with our emails in a faster and more effective way. We actually talk about a mail client that focuses on the search capabilities within it, so it is designed to help us find a particular email message much faster than other existing applications.

Microsoft Garage Email Insights Project

This is a project of Microsoft Garage that is presented as a lightweight application and has a very simple interface, which offers a mix of results based on the relevance of the received messages and the news of them. At the same time it offers a guided search system through the auto-complete of mails and the search of user names. For all this there are several commands that refer to fast actions in this regard, as well as tabs to facilitate navigation through the main features of the client.

The project members themselves state that:

“Searching through e-mail can be tedious at times, because we may have to make long journeys between our messages to find one in particular. So we present a lightweight application to avoid these problems. “

At the moment it cannot be downloaded from the official Microsoft website, although it is probably only a temporary problem as Email Insights should be available at any time.

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