Enjoy Chrome OS on any computer with ChromX

Chrome OS is a monolithic kernel operating system, based on the Chromium OS project, developed by Google in order to create a complete web-based operating system. This system is mainly developed for mini-notebooks (with x86 and ARM architectures) in order to get the most out of limited hardware, thanks to the cloud.

Google has wanted its web-based operating system not to run on any computer, but only on a limited number of systems and devices in order not to position itself as a rival to Windows, but as an alternative, based on Linux for those computers that cannot run Windows without problems. However, independent developers have taken advantage of the source code Chromium OS and have created a new operating system called ChromX.

ChromX is a pre-compiled version of Chromium OS build 170212 that has been modified to run on any desktop and laptop computer with x64 architecture. This is the second version of ChromX released by this developer (the previous one was in May 2016) and, like the previous one, is mainly intended to run from a USB stick. Although it can also be installed on a hard disk, we must be careful at this point, since the system is not compatible with Dual-Boot. This means that we ca not keep our Windows or Linux together with this version of Chrome OS.

ChromX uses the Linux Kernel 4.4.44 comes by default with several applications installed so that users can start to use the system one its loaded on your computer without having to download additional packages.

Some of the applications included are:

  • Youtube
  • Google Maps
  • Spotify
  • WGT Golf Game
  • Secure Shell
  • Google Play
  • Webflow
  • HD Wallpapers
  • Video Downloader
  • Quizlet
  • Filer

Remember that you cannot download and install new applications from the Google Play Store, although the Chrome Store does work without problems.

Users interested in this operating system can download it completely free of charge from the following official website. Although the download takes up little more than 500 megs, we have to make sure we have more space on the disk, since when extracting the image of its interior this will occupy more than 3.5 GB.

How to copy ChromX to a USB stick

Once downloaded the ISO image of this operating system, all we have to do is get a USB memory of at least 6 GB of space and download the Win32DiskImager application.

Once the operating system is downloaded, we can only unzip it and load the resulting .img file into Wn32DiskImager. Once ready, just select the letter of our USB memory and write that image to the USB memory by clicking on the “Write” button.

When the process is finished, we will have it ready. We recommend using a new USB 3.0 USB memory stick to ensure the best performance and avoid bottleneck problems both when adding the operating system in USB and when using it.


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