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The Entire Wishlist of WWE 2K18

Everyone is expecting that the WWE 2K18 will be going to be a tremendous hit and will surely gather a rock-solid success. As per the demand of the WWE fans, a whole new set of features are on the way and even the existing features are modifying. The game always impressed the audience but there is always a room left for improvement and this made people expect more and more from WWE 2K18.

Have a look at what people are expecting from it and what efforts are done to make it even better.



  1. Created Diva- Maybe there can be a Created Diva option in My Career Mode. This will provide the players with an option to create their own entrance movie with more cutscenes and backstage fights out of the ring. The backstage interviews will be much elaborated and fun to watch.


  1. Customized Wrestling Options- If there will be an option to pick a specific area for wrestling, isn’t it cool? And maybe players can choose among different wrestlers against whom they want to wrestle and even there voice too. For, My Career Mode we can get a chance to fight with actual legends same as old WWE SmackDown Vs RAW.


  1. Commentary- This will be the best feature among all as it is really exciting to have an option to choose commentary ourselves. We can recruit commentators of our choice and we can even order them to speak in the language of our choice. And every player will get a fair opportunity to showcase their skills into the game.


  1. Referee Improvement- Some things need improvement in the game so like Referee needs. It would be really cool if the Referee went through the ropes and outside the ring every now and then. We can ask for another Referee if the one we had has been knocked down. All of these ideas would make not only the Referees more realistic but make the match more intense.



The latest WWE 2K18 will have a whole set of 26 new superstars, we can expect to see these new stars in WWE 2K18.


  1. Andrade Almas- The pro-Mexican wrestler spent eight years in Mexican Wrestling League CMLL and now officially been signed to the developmental contract.


  1. Roderick Strong- Roderick Strong is originally known as Chris Lindsey. This World champion, tag team champ and television champ had signed recently by the WWE network.


  1. Ember Moon- Ember Moon is the famous WWE NXT Diva who is even under a developmental contract with WWE. She defeated players like Billie Kay and Preston Royce so everyone believes that she is a definite in for WWE 2K18 Roaster.


  1. Snoop Dogg- The only reason Snoop Dogg has been included in WWE Hall of Fame because he has been involved in the promotion of WWE events. This rapper has become the latest television celebrity to be added to the potential unlockable character.

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