eSight 3 : New Smart Glasses for People with Visual Impairment

eSight 3 are smart glasses that combine a range of technologies to help visually impaired people have a vision of up to 20/25, and thus regain their independence.

The dynamics proposed by these glasses is to expand the peripheral vision, using high resolution camera inside that captures everything the person is watching, and implementing liquid lens technology.

To this system, a remote control, headphones and microphone are added, which allow to customize the characteristics of the glasses to the needs of the patients. For example, patients can choose to add zoom if you want to read, or improve other details if they are on the street.

This dynamic can not cover the needs of each patient with visual deficiencies, since each case is complex and consists of different causes and factors.

But it can be a useful tool for those patients who have what is called a blind spot, and which blocks a certain percentage of their visual field. Each patient should test this device with the advice of a professional to analyze if it is appropriate to their needs.

In the future, the company plans to add new features to the glasses, such as that they are waterproof and can be used in the rain.


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