Etsy Studio: a new Etsy project for buying and selling crafts

If you are good at handwork, and have a tremendous imagination when it comes to creating crafts, this new Etsy project will interest you.

This is Etsy Studio, a new online market dedicated to crafts, a buying and selling area that will launch in the spring so that anyone can buy original craft projects and access tutorials to learn how to do creative projects of all kinds.

This type of projects have been protagonists of Etsy for a long time, but now they want to dedicate a unique space in Etsy Studio, with new tools to categorize and describe articles, something that allows better adaptation to those who buy what others have done manually.

The craft supply market is huge at about $44 billion in the United States alone, so we’re talking about a new web project that can help a lot of people have their own jobs in-house.

To make the project a reality, they have invested in a new control panel that allows sellers to quickly see all the information they need like the buyers queries, orders, finance summary etc. They have also created a new advisory tool that will notify sellers if something needs urgent attention, and a new navigation that allows marketers to easily switch from one task to another.

Etsy Studio is available at for interested parties to request more information. For a complete presentation you can visit at official etsy website.


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