Ex Mozilla Engineer: “Disable Third-Party Antivirus On Your Computer”

Many Mozilla employees spend their lives anonymously, but Robert O’Callahan has decided to leave his own footprint in the blogsphere. He who was an engineer in the company that has given life to the popular Firefox browser has decided to jump to the covers with a radical statement: “Disable your antivirus,” in a controversial publication of his personal blog.

O’Callahan has been relieved with his animosity towards computer protection software by ensuring that antiviruses do not provide security against threats, but an antivirus can become a threat by itself. “Disable your antivirus … except if you use Microsoft [Windows Defender]” were his literal words.

For a user who has a computer upgraded to Windows 8 or higher, the antivirus are dispensable. “antivirus contaminate the operating system because they are invasive and poorly optimized code”, he said.

Windows Defender, does Microsoft antivirus offer enough protection?

According to this theory, a user with a PC upgraded to Windows 10 would not need more than the official Microsoft antivirus program to be sure when using your computer.

Overall, he says, “antivirus developers do not follow basic security standards, but Microsoft, for its part, is quite competent about it.”

Being aware of the reach that his words were going to get, Robert O’Callahan sentences his argument with the message of “I am now free”. O’Callahan stopped working for Mozilla in early 2016 (as he announced last year in his official blog), and seems to have wanted to wait until he was completely separated from the company to set fire to the network with his claims.

For our part, we can only say that we must interpret these statements very carefully. While it is true that a program like Windows Defender would be able to stop many of the viruses that circulate on the network, less experienced users face threats that go well beyond a simple virus.

Malware, scams of all colors and deception on web pages require measures that go beyond what the Microsoft program can offer. If the antivirus that we have installed on the computer has never given us performance problems, we should better leave it as it is.


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