Extending the Nexus 5X’s RAM up to 4GB is possible and this user has succeeded


For many, the Google Nexus 5X was a worthy successor to the popular Nexus 5, developed by Korean company LG. It is true that it had some shortcomings such as the capacity of its battery and the limited amount of RAM. Its 2 GB of RAM is a quantity that seems low at present times.

Android is a universe full of possibilities, from time to time it surprises us with experiments like the one that we will see today from XDA-Developers. A user of XDA-Developers managed to expand the RAM of his Nexus 5X, from 2 to 4 GB.

Extending the Nexus 5X RAM to 4 GB is possible

Cathair2906, a user of XDA-Developers and protagonist of this story, suffered the problem of bootloops similar to several LG terminals. For this problem the firm has been denounced recently. Neither Google nor LG took care of the Cathair2906 phone, since the phone had been purchased in Hong Kong. He decided to send it to China as a last hope in order to repair his device.

Once the smartphone was in the country from which it was initially shipped, the technician contacted the user of the device before suggesting the possibility of extending the RAM of his prized Nexus 5X up to 3 and even 4 GB. Taking advantage of the fact that the module is next to the processor, whose replacement is necessary to solve the problem of bootloops, the process of extension seemed simple. Our protagonist, of course, accepted the suggestion without thinking twice.

After receiving the repaired phone, Cathair2906 was able to see the amount of RAM of his device had been extended to double its original capacity, and with system performance noticeably faster than before. In order to share his astonishment with the other users of the terminal, he decided to provide the image, which confirm the increase in memory of his smartphone.


So far, he does not seem to have found any notable problem, and even the update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat could be installed without major problem. We do not know if this extension could cause some problem to the Cathair2906’s phone, but today the protagonist of this story continues to use his Nexus 5X, now faster and free of the happy bootloops problem. And all, for only $ 60.


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