FaceApp, one of the best iOS apps, now available on Android

Android users can now download one of the best iOS apps. The app is termed as one of the best as per the opinions of millions of users. We are not referring to Super Mario Run, which came to the Android operating system in March, but to FaceApp, a curious photographic application designed to modify your selfies in a way more than surprising.

Users of Android can, from now on, change their frowns by smiles, or their dark circles by penetrating glances thanks to the possibilities offered by FaceApp, the photography application that after its successful passage through the operating system for Apple devices lands on Android and is now available for download from Google Play.

FaceApp, which was initially only available for the Cupertino iPhone, reached a million downloads in just two weeks within the iOS app store. It is not a clone of Snapchat. The secret of its success is its filters and animations ready to be applied in photos and videos. It directly transforms the faces of the users by mixing the facial features to completely change their expressions.

Features of FaceApp

According to the developers, the application uses neural networks to generate a method of automatic learning that allows to completely modify the photographs that we want. FaceApp tries to maintain the original look of the photographs by adding simple modifications that bring the result as close as possible to reality. In this way the app itself learns from users to improve their self-transformation.

However, the result will not always be perfect because, it is all a matter of testing with our different poses to achieve the optimal image.

In addition to changing our facial expressions, FaceApp has other functions that, for example, allow to change the gender of the users or their age completely. In this way you can know in advance how you will be seen in a few years altering your self-portraits with the application.

You can download FaceApp for Android totally free, although the application includes advertising (not too invasive) inside.


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